Zionsville School without Air Conditioning

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Last week, one of the Zionsville Schools’ air conditioning systems broke down and the entire school was without air conditioning. They were doing everything they could to keep the school as cool as possible, but there was still one section of the building that was much warmer than the others. Now, we are not the HVAC provider for the Zionsville School system, but, we care about the community we live in. I received a message from one of the staff members who recently purchased an HVAC system from us. He asked if there was anyway we would be able to provide temporary cooling for a section of the school. Without hesitation, I said “yes”. We have several portable air conditioners on hand which we use during the summer to give our customers temporary cooling until their heating and cooling system can be installed. The next day, my dad (Alan) and I loaded up 5 portable units and brought them to the school. With the help of the staff members and Zionsville’s maintenance team, we had them installed in no time. The students were very happy. One of the teachers even said, “Now kids, Mr. Winters is here to save the day.” To which the kids replied, “Thank you, Mr. Winters!”. That always makes you feel good. We were more than happy to help out our students!

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