Why do I need a WiFi Thermostat?

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WiFi thermostats are all the rage right now. But why? Is it the Millennials who are buying these? Is it because they “look cool” and I can control it from my smartphone? The answer is, no! We have customers in their 20’s and we have customers in their 70’s who are having WiFi thermostats installed. Why? See below!

There are several advantages to owning a WiFi enabled thermostat:

1. $100 Rebate from Vectren Gas & Citizens Gas. The rebate is only $20 for a non-wifi thermostat. The difference in cost between a WiFi thermostat and a non-wifi thermostat is minimal, so why not upgrade!

2. Setup alerts for your thermostat. Example: if the home drops below 55 degrees for more than one hour, it can alert you and any friends or family that you have saved into the system. Imagine if you leave for vacation during “Snowmageddon”, you land in beautiful Cancun and you get an alert from your thermostat that your home has dropped below 55 degrees. Wouldn’t it be nice to contact a family member to meet your HVAC company out at your home to fix the furnace rather than going unaware that you had no heat for 1 week and coming home to a swimming pool of busted pipes in the basement?

3. Remote access. This is what most consider to be the novelty of the thermostats, but man does it come in handy when you need it. Imagine, again, Snowmageddon is going on back in Indianapolis and you’re getting ready to board a 2 hour flight from warm and sunny Florida back to Indiana. When you left, you turned the thermostat down to 60 degrees to conserve energy while you were out of town. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were sitting in the airport and you could set the temperature back up to 70 degrees, so the home was nice and warm when you arrived home? Yeah… that’s what I thought!

WiFi thermostats are more than a novelty item. They make you more comfortable, save you money, and can help to prevent a catastrophe. Most WiFi thermostats range from $250 to $600+ depending on what you want to accomplish with them.


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Clay Winters
Design Technician

5 Comments on “Why do I need a WiFi Thermostat?”

  1. Alvin B. Fenwick

    I think use wifi thermostat can save lot of energy and money also. That’s why we should use wifi thermostat. Do you think so?

    1. Control Tech Webmaster

      We love them too. I think if they’re set properly within 3 degrees per programming schedule, they can be extremely efficient.

  2. will sinclair

    A Wi-Fi thermostat, as the name implies, is a thermostat that can be wirelessly connected to the internet. With this internet connection, you can, whether through a computer or smartphone or tablet app access your thermostat and remotely control the settings.

    This, in and of itself, can be very useful when you have unexpected changes to your schedule, but most Wi-Fi thermostats take this interconnectivity a stage or two further.

    In addition to being able to remotely control your heating and cooling, most Wi-Fi thermostats offer you additional features such as alert , Monitors local weather and Energy use reports

  3. Gregory Ortega

    Hello! this past year I had a Trane HVAC system installed in my home and all is working well.
    I have a Trane XL824 Programmable control touch screen thermostat. My question is, what is the next larger thermostat you carry? The one I have is nice but too small and I’m considering a larger one. Please let me know and thank you!

    Gregory Ortega
    Carmel, IN. 46032

    1. Control Tech Webmaster

      Hi Gregory! The next size up would be the Trane XL1050. Please let us know if you would like a quote!

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