Is a Free Heating and Cooling Service Call Really Free?

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Do you ever see the ads for the Free Tune-Up or Free Service call? Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?! Next time you see one of these, take a second and read the fine print. These coupons typically have a disclaimer that says “with Heating or Cooling Repair. $95 value”. This means one of two things;
A. If they come out for a service call and find a repair that would normally be $200, it’s going to actually be $295, or
B. If they do not find anything wrong, you are responsible for paying the $95 service visit… even though it said FREE.

We also see this alot with the extremely cheap “Tune-Up” specials. Most companies in this area charge around $75 to $90 for a spring or fall tune-up. If you see a $40 or $50 tune up special, it’s typically too good to be true.

The whole idea behind the “Free” service call or “Cheap” tune-up special is for the company to get their foot in the door and upsell. We don’t believe in that, which is why we alway give you up front pricing, that way, there are no hidden costs!

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Clay Winters
Design Technician

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