Indianapolis Home Gets Ductless Heating & Cooling in Garage

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Garages are typically used to store your car, lawn mower, and all of the kids stuff you accumulate over the years. As the kids get older and move on, some homeowners tend to make the garage an extension of their home. The garage becomes a she shed, a man cave, a woodworking shop, etc. The list goes on and on. With that, this space is not always the most comfortable because, well… it’s a garage. Most garages don’t have insulated walls, insulated ceilings, or insulated garage doors. This space is basically a sauna in the summer; and shelter in the winter. But what if you could use this space year-round? That’s what James of Indianapolis was thinking, and that’s when he called Control Tech in March of 2019.

Problem: Garage too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter
Solution: Control Tech installed a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Cooling & Heating System

I [Clay] spoke with James as he had completed the construction of a brand new detached garage. He had hopes of using it to not only store his car; but work on home projects as well. He said “I just got done building this garage. The upstairs has a living space that is taken care of by a traditional air handler and heat pump. The construction company used a different HVAC contractor to install that system. It’s loud, it’s not efficient, and there were some code issues with it. Bottom line, I want to add heating and cooling to the garage and I WILL NOT hire that other company. You guys have a great reputation and that’s why I called you.”

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VIDEO: Garage Ductless Heating & Cooling System Indianapolis

At that point, I went to work. I explained several options, but I knew there was only one option that would fit his needs. A Ductless Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Heating & Cooling (Heat Pump System). When I explained to James that the ductless system would not only out perform the traditional system by way of efficiency, but that he wouldn’t have to install a bulk head in the garage; he was sold. He loved the idea. We [James & Clay] found the best location to mount the indoor ductless head (also known as an air handler) and the best location to set the outdoor unit. I performed a load calculation for the garage to determine the best system for the space.

“Hyper Heat” is also known as “Low Ambient”. What this means to you [the homeowner] is that these systems are designed to provide comfortable indoor temperatures in extreme cold climate conditions, down to -13º F. It will provide a comfortable space for the garage to become an extension of the home.

We arrived on a Wednesday in March of 2019 to install. Our techs installed the new system in about 5 hours. The electrical was already installed, prior to our visit, by an electrician. We ran the refrigerant lines through a product called line hide so that we could conceal the lines and didn’t have to open up any walls. The installation was seamless and James was happy as a clam!

Once the project was completed I asked James “Would you recommend ductless to your friends and family?” To which he simply replied “Yes! I trust Control Tech and will use you guys for the rest of my projects and service”.

Since then, we have installed another Ductless Heating & Cooling System for one room in his main home that is above his existing garage. We have also installed a Communicating Lennox Heating & Cooling System for his main home.

-Clay Winters
Control Tech Heating & Air Conditioning
Zionsville, IN


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