Why do I need a WiFi Thermostat?

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WiFi thermostats are all the rage right now. But why? Is it the Millennials who are buying these? Is it because they “look cool” and I can control it from my smartphone? The answer is, no! We have customers in their 20’s and we have customers in their 70’s who are having WiFi thermostats installed. Why? See below! There are several … Read More

Request-A-Tech Program from Control Tech

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How many times have you called a company for service or maintenance, and they send out a new technician every time? You never know who you’re getting and/or who you’re letting in your home. At Control Tech, you can “Request-A-Tech” via our popular Request-A-Tech Program! We often receive phone calls from our customers asking “Can you send the same guy … Read More

What Kind of Furnace Do I Need?

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It’s that time of year again!… Or is it?… It’s time to start thinking about the winter and whether or not your furnace is going to make it through! I know it’s been one of the hottest summers we’ve had in a long time and most people are reading this going “are you kidding? Why would I be thinking about … Read More