Are you working for a company who demands you push the customer to buy something they don’t need? Do you want to be fulfilled and know that you can sleep at night knowing you took care of a customer and didn’t take advantage of them? If so, you’re just one step away from joining our team at Control Tech! People come to Control Tech looking for a job but stay because they enjoy working with our customers and their co-workers. Having Fun is one of our core values. If you want to be part of our family, we’re the company for you!

No experience? No problem. We will pay you to learn our trade and become the best that you can be.

If you align with any or all of our Core Values, then you will make a great team player. Control Tech has always prided itself on educating our customers and providing solutions. We believe that being honest and taking care of our customers, and employees, goes a long way. While we do have set hours, we also know that you have family and a life outside of work. We are open to working with you to accommodate your life inside and outside of work.

We ask our team to act in anticipation. Think 3 steps ahead, know what’s coming up, who it will impact, and what could potentially go wrong. Offer solutions to our customers. Never stop learning!
Follow the processes and procedures we have laid out for you, but also be accountable for your actions. Follow the law, be honest and respectful.
We know you want clear communication from us and we want the same from you! Good communication helps eliminate confusion and helps us be one team!
Spend time walking customers through our processes. Be transparent about the entire process and educate customers while providing solutions. Tell customers our story.
Work should be fun as long as we are doing it in a respectful way.

Some of our benefits include: Weekly Pay, 2 Weeks of PTO (after 90 days of employment) then, up to 4 weeks of PTO with seniority, Bonuses, Employee Insurance, 401k Retirement Plan with Match, Holiday Pay, Overtime, and much more!

Join Our Team By Exploring the Positions Below: